May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14 NIV

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Distracted Quilting

This picture reflects the current state of projects on my wall.  Two are UFOs from at least 10 years ago that I am trying desperately to finish.  One is a more current UFO that needs some hand embroidery embellishment completed and then there are the "try out a new technique" blocks that have nothing to do with anything.  But they were fun to make. 
The summer goal is to finish as much as possible and not get involved in starting new projects.  I need to put those new blocks away because they are very enticing.  Finish, finish, finish is my mantra. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quilting with a Modern Twist

 Happiness is a quilt finished.  Thanks to a Craftsy class, I got going with some modern quilting using my walking foot.  It went really well.  I used this quilt as kind of a sampler to try out different patterns.  I'm really liking this and it is easier for me than FM quilting.  Very time consuming.  Lots of stitches.

Birthday Surprise

 I am now officially part of the Medicare generation.  I was told by my DH to set aside certain days to celebrate this milestone birthday this year. I was whisked away on a Thursday afternoon before Memorial Day weekend to Half Moon Bay for a lovely spa weekend.  We had delightful weather and I enjoyed relaxing spa treatments and yummy meals.  We'll probably never do this expensive of a weekend get-away again.  It was a once in a lifetime treat and it will be remembered forever.

Back Home for another celebration with the DGDs and family.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Carpinteria - Becoming an April Tradition

Once again, the DGDs Spring Break came at just the right time for a trip to Carpinteria and the Cottage on Fifth.  DDIL had to stay in Los Angeles to deal with family matters, so Aunty Cheryl drove the girls up to join me for 3 days. The weather co-operated and we had a lovely time just hanging out. 

The other objective of the trip to the beach was to relax and sew.  DGD #1 began a new project but other interests kept her busy so she didn't get much done.  I, on the other hand, got borders on a quilt top and got it ready for quilting.  Then I played around with a lesson from Craftsy and made a few blocks.  Sudoku took up a lot of my time along with walks around town and at the beach. 

Already thinking about next year.

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Few Current Projects

A few pictures of a few sewing related projects.  
Raffle block for quild -  boohoo, I didn't win

Hole in the Wall is finished.  Whoo Hoo!

Funky Bird blocks for charity quilt to be made by MD Loosie Group

Practice FM quilting squares turned in to HumBags.

Very wavy but done.  Piece from a Snippets class 2 years ago at R2CA.

Spring in Utah

We just got back from a trip to Salt Lake City, UT.  It is one of the cleanest cities I have ever seen.  How have they managed to train everyone who lives there to not throw trash on the ground?  How have they managed to not have graffiti?  They are building everywhere in the downtown area. Must be lots of new businesses moving in.

Of course we were there to do genealogical work.  This was the week of DH's CGS group research tour to SLC.  It was the first time I have accompanied him.  Last time I had been to SLC, was 10 years ago.  I immediately noticed that the FHL was full of way more computers than they had last time.  Family Search is in the process of digitizing all the books.  Before you know it, there will be nothing but computer stations.

When not ensconced at a table in the FHL, I enjoyed walking around the downtown area.  There is a relatively new indoor/outdoor mall called City Creek.  It was flanked by a Nordstroms and a Macys.  Most of the stores were in the high end category including a Tiffany's and a Porsche Design store.  We had incredible warm spring weather the whole week so being outside was wonderful.  Besides the creek that ran through the mall, there were fountains that put on a musical fountain show every hour.

On Thursday, DH and I went to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearse. Of course, we cut across the Temple Square almost every day so I had to take a picture along the way.
It was a good week but we had few new discoveries.  I found a book that tied a Dunmire part of my family to a Dormeyer family.  Seems they are the same people but somewhere along the line, they anglicized the name a bit.  It gave me another link back to the Alsace region of Germany.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Jon

Jon, my first born has turned 39.  That means next year he will be 40!  Why is it that when I think about him, I see him as a 16 year old?  Now he is a husband and a dad of 2 darling girls........a family man. Proud of him always,  a good kid, a supportive brother, a loving husband, an involved father.....besides his "day job" as an analytical Chemist/Software Engineer, etc.  Love you first son....even if you do pick out Ethiopian Restaurants for your birthday dinner.