May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14 NIV

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Time Marches On

I guess I am a little less interested in keeping a blog up-to-date.  For awhile, I was pretty regular every month but lately months go by before I think about it.  If it becomes an obligation, then I am not interested.   So I will keep going.......jotting down a few thoughts and pictures as the mood hits me.   My original intention was more oriented towards recording my quilt projects than family events.  It has become both.

Having just checked, I last posted on this blog March 2017.  Considering that today is February 27, 2018 it has been almost a year.  So much for keeping up to date.  I'll need to cover 12 months of activity to catch up.

 Lots and lots of quilts have been produced over the last few months.  Nice to document my work and see the different techniques that I have tried.

Going to Road To California with my friend Mary Moore Paine was fun as always.  We tried new things and took a class in printing on fabric with stamps.  Stretching myself outside the box.

There is snow on them thar hills in Ontario.  California was getting quite a bit of of rain and snow in January 2017,

Always fun to travel with a friend.

Something new......fabric printing

Wahoo!!!!  A new iPhone 6s for me.  Loving it. 
And now some pictures of our small but comfy patio with new planters and plants.  It is really becoming a cozy place to eat or hang out when the weather co-operates and the wind doesn't blow.

Some garden bounty to make guacamole...onions, cilantro and parsley.

New Stools for the family room

Closing this post with a beautiful beach picture from Cambria, CA.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Catching Up On Quilts and Life

August?  Really August??  That was the last time I wrote a blog entry?  I am not one of those bloggers who has a zillion followers.  I blog to record some of my personal history and every once in a while, I order a print copy of the blog.  I was trying to do this at least once a year.  I am a little behind. 

I think this catch up may come in two parts.  Let's start with September through December. School began and the DGDs were off to 4th and 6th grade.  Makayla is now in middle school at Julia Morgan School for Girls.  She seems to be thriving there.  She gave up piano for now but is enthusiastically enjoying rock climbing.  Violet, ever the busy one, plays viola, is doing track, and participating in a spring play.

A few pictures of the DGDs
Makayla's visit to shop with Auntie Cheryl

No.  She didn't eat it.  It was her dad's order.

Makayla channeling Freida Kahlo for Halloween 2016

Little Red Riding Hood Violet
In August, Jon's family adopted a dog.  He is a mix breed terrier and the sweetest dog ever.  His name is Rudyard Kipling......Kip for short or Kipster, Kippers, KipKip.
Enjoying his special blanket made by me. 

Another Christmas celebrated at home.
Kip came over for Christmas

The annual Christmas Eve dinner

Leslie and Santa Claus
Love them forever and always

And to close this entry.........a few quilt projects.
Kits are so easy and fast to do

From a pattern and then I won her book with lots of patterns

Wonky Diamonds......what do I do with them?

Nine down, three to go for an even dozen.

Alameda Quilt Guild workshop with Terry Hodges

Raffle item for Callaway Family Reunion

Baby Quilt for the woman who gives me facials, Kate.

Challenge entry for Colors of the Vineyard (AVQ)

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Plan C Trip to the Central Coast

As we know, the best laid plans can easily go astray.  So I try (not always successfully) to not hold on too tightly to my plans.  The annual August trip with the DGDs went all the way to Plan C due to a) a fire in San Luis Obispo County that threatened Hearst Castle and b) two changes to a doctor appointment that Makayla had to go to before school starts.

This trip was built around a visit to Hearst Castle.  Makayla is beginning middle school at Julia Morgan School for Girls next week and she was very excited to see this incredible project that Julia Morgan had taken on.  We added in a side trip on the way home to visit Sculpterra Winery where our dear friend Rob Bentley is the resident artist for all their iron work.

Well.......the Chimney Fire changed plans whether we liked it or not.  The fire which started near Lake Nacimiento spread fast and furiously and was threatening Hearst Castle.  This resulted in Hearst Castle cancelling all tours during the week of our reservations.  We decided we would go anyway and enjoy the delights of Cambria.  The doctor appointments pushed our trip to leaving on Thursday for our three-night adventure to the Central California coast.

The visitor center at Hearst Castle was open, so we were able to go there to see the excellent film about the building of the castle.  Of course, it just made Makayla want to actually see it even more.  We'll plan a trip for another time.  Jim bought Makayla a book about Julia Morgan.
Fire up on them thar hills.

Zebras relocated from Hearst Ranch for safety
 Despite smokey skies and overcast weather, we enjoyed our time in Cambria.  We walked along the boardwalk and perused the little shops in town.  And of course we enjoyed some Ollaliberry pie.

A sweet little hide-away under a tree for viewing the ocean

On Saturday, we headed to Paso Robles to meet Mary Bentley for lunch at the historic Paso Robles Inn.  Then we headed out to see Sculpterra Winery where Rob works and does his art.  The girls were enthralled with all the lovely sculptures and they totally fell in love with Robert.  He showed them all around his shop and gave them lots of bits and bobs of iron to take home to make a mobile of their own.  They want to adopt him as their third grandfather.  Robert has that affect on people.  He is a dear friend and a blessing to our lives.  He and Mary are, as Makayla said,  "Good People".

The Bentley Gates............incredible

Grapes ripening everywhere. Of course we tasted a few.

All kinds of sculptures but of course, this one with a dog immediately caught their attention.

The Classic Sign from when we first knew him in Valencia, CA
You can't be an iron artist without getting dirty.

Rob Bentley.........Good People!