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Friday, February 11, 2011

Postcards and Projects

Road to California seemed to inspire me to new things.  I got wise this year and only took two classes.  I gave myself a whole day to see the show. It was much more relaxed that way and I really got to slow down and see the incredible workmanship and design of the quilts.  Of course, I visited the vendors but I really didn't buy much.  

So now I am home, and itching to sew.  I brought home a UFO from my Micky Depre class.  It is called "Fish Nets".  It is a design she uses to introduce her students to the delights of Decor Bond. I only need to quilt and bind it and it will be done.  I'm going to donate it to a fund-raising auction at my DGDs school. 
Wonky Fish designed by me                                

First up on getting home was to get back to DGD#2's birthday quilt.  It was started in November last year.  I'm actually to the quilting stage now.  I'm plugging away at a grid pattern.  On a domestic machine this takes some time.  Goal is to have it done today to the point that I can take it to share and tell at my quilt guild meeting tomorrow afternoon.
not quite finished but getting closer
grids take forever!

Then there are postcards to be made.  On a whim I joined a fabric postcard exchange on-line through a Bernina owners group.  By the end of Februrary, I need to make and send out 9 fabric postcards.  I've experimented with two and have come up with the idea for my nine to send.  I just have to get down to work and make them. 
Giving the technique a try #1

Trying it out #2

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