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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Bag For All Seasons

This pattern caught my eye when I first saw it mentioned on the TQS web-site.  Then I didn't think about it for awhile until they offered it up at a sale price as a kit with the fabric included.  On impulse, about a year ago, I bought the kit and it sat in the basket of "things I want to make someday".
Sometimes you just have to wait for inspiration and "rediscovery" to hit.  While cleaning up and puttering about a bit, I came across the pattern and the fabrics and they called out "Make me!".  So I got out the cutting mat, the other supplies like fusible fleece, and set myself up at the dining room table to begin.  And all was good and moving along until.......... 
I sewed two wrong sides together.  So I picked up my trusty Alex Anderson 4-in-1 Tool and did a bit of frog, rip-it, rip-it. The 4-in-1 Tool never leaves my side when I'm sewing.  I use it for all kinds of things.  It's a wonderful tool Alex and the fact that it doesn't roll around is the best idea ever. 

On to the project.  A few more steps along the way............
Give credit where credit is due.  

An extra sturdy strap is a good idea.  I added a little stabilizer.

Now it was time for leaves.....lots of leaves......60 to be exact.  They all need to be cut out and fused.  But in my typical fashion I didn't fully read the steps so I ended up with the Heat N Bond on the fabric before I had traced anything.  The fabric was so dark that even a light table wouldn't work for tracing.  I stewed for awhile and then came up with a solution.  I photo-copied the leaf patterns and stuck the pages down on the Heat N Bond with double stick tape and then cut out the leaves.  Worked beautifully.  Caught up on a little recorded T.V. while cutting. 

I'm so clever.  I kept patting myself on the back for solving this possible insurmountable problem.  I have a feeling that I am not the first person to do this. LOL 

On to leaves.....many, many leaves............60 leaves. 

OOPS!  Back to frog stitching.   
Add the vines using satin stitching.
I was feeling so accomplished.  I was sure I must be heading straight for the finish line.  On no.  You are supposed to quilt around all the leaves and vines.  That would be 60 leaves PLUS vines. 

I was totally determined to follow the directions. I quilted and quilted and quilted.  And then I began to put it all together.

Here it is!  Isn't it cute!  It has a magnet closure and lots of sturdy inside pockets.  I love it but I will not make another one with leaves.  I might make another one with the basic pattern but NO leaves, not even less than 60.


Jenice said...

Beautiful were very patient to finish all those leaves. :)

Terry said...

The leaves make that bag so unique. I'm impressed you stuck with it until the end!