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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snippet Fun

I was so excited about the snippets technique that I introduced my DGDs to it.  Once again I am reminded of how differently they approach projects.  First is the project of the oldest.  She likes to work fast but she has a very definite sense of order and design.  She was intent on making something similar to mine.  She didn't have the manual dexterity to cut the shapes she wanted so I helped out some and she place them where she wanted them. 
Fabrics selected and placed by DGD

As a good artist (and quilter), she signed her work.
Then there is DGD #2.  She is 5 and her approach to art tends to be one of abandon and fun.  No precise pictures for her.  She just cut and pasted fused pieces of fabric and then spent a great deal of time embellishing with marker. 
She also signed her work.
I have both pieces at my house.  They have given me permission to add thread art embellishments and then quilt them to make small wall-hangings for their room.  They are quite thrilled and proud of themselves.   It is so much fun to sew and create with the DGDs.

Back to my own project, I finally auditioned and came up with a border idea.  I have made some red piping that I'm going to add to the black border.  I still want to add thread embellishment before quilting.  I might donate this to my DGDs school for their auction. 
Tried green, blue, yellow, orange but red won out for the accent.

This is just a thin scrap because the piping wasn't made yet.

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