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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sewing Will Prevail

With some success I can type with two hands now but my hands fatigue easily.  I figured if I could type, then I could probably use the sewing machine.  Again, I have to set limits so my hands and wrist don't get too fatigued......but I can sew a straight line.  I pulled out some pre-cut 5" squares and had a go at it. 

Unfortunately, I can't even envision using a rotary cutter so how am I going to square anything up?  The pile of UFO sections will go on I'm sure for several months. 

I've also discovered the secret to scar softening.....cocoa butter during the day and Eucerin cream at night.  I don't expect the scars from the pin removal to completely go away but softening them helps aid in wrist movement.

Three weeks out of the cast, two weeks so far of hand therapy.  We are working first on the fingers in order to remind them of their grabbing, pinching, holding, writing function.  It's slow but steady and each day seems to see a little progress.  Does it hurt? Yep.  I'm trying to push through it.

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Lenore C said...

Nice site! Hope you heal quickly and can use your rotary soon! Thanks for the info on Scandinavia via Sew many ways!