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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bathroom Update and Other Bits of Life

The Bathroom!  We've all heard it......It will cost more and take longer than you think......and it is true.  I have no real problems with the contractors.  They've been pretty good about communication and being here on time.  The hang-up is more with the lovely city of Alameda because along the way, we will need three inspections.  There is a call-in process with the city to arrange for an inspector to come by and then you pray that you'll get on the schedule in a timely manner. In the meantime, the lower cabinets have gone in, the granite has been selected, and the appointment for the counter template has been made.

I am still sewing in between times to help the time go by.  My latest project was to make ponchos for the darling grand-daughters.  Lots of learning curve on that project.  I have learned to check and make sure they have picked out fleece material and not faux fur.  I have faux fur bits everywhere and with the construction dust mixed in, we are all sneezing.  Also learned that it is better to cut the neck hole too small and then enlarge as necessary.  I ended up having to add fabric to the neckline on one of the ponchos but it still came out cute. 

I'm also working on a poncho for my DDIL.  She, too, picked out faux fur.  It is giving me problems with stretching so I need to put some kind of pleats to take in the neck hole and then put binding on it.  Easy Peasy????   ........   not so much. 

And one last thing to share.  DGD #1 loves crafts, art, and sewing.  She discovered a tutorial on line for crafts using patterned duct tape.  All on her own, she made this darling flower for me.  She has also made of book bag with duct tape.  I guess duct tape crafting is all the rage these days. 
The wrist is coming along with the help of the splint (aka "torture machine").  I try to use it 3X a day for 30 minutes each.  I think I see and feel progress in wrist twist ROM.  I'll see what the PT says tomorrow when I go in for measurements.

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