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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Quilt Out of The Bag

Sometimes I like to ponder "What if......." when considering ideas for quilts. Problem is that I seldom get brave enough to try anything very new. I'm hesitant on color choices and I question my design capabilities. So.........I decided to try something safe but fun. I had been getting 4" squares from Mr. B's Fabric Club (Benatrex) for awhile. They always send along ideas for a small quilt but nothing ever hit me. So the squares kept piling up. Until one day.........I decided to throw them in a bag and start pulling them out randomly and put them together. I did this off and on for awhile. But what was I going to do for a setting? Plain old 9 patch seemed too boring. Along comes a friend who is doing a scrappy 30's quilt and she shows me her setting from a magazine idea. Perfect! That's what I will use for my scrappy quilt. This project has been going on for awhile as I just work on it off and on. I did come up with a plan using my EQ6. The picture that follows is where I am so far. So..........What if I randomly select fabric squares and sew them together?:

I'm kind of liking this. It's been fun to work on and it will be a great quilt for practicing my machine quilting on.

But it's got to go on hold for now. Tomorrow I fly out to CA to visit the darling grand-daughters.

Just a note......It's going to be in the 80's today. Spring really is here. Yeah!

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