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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sewing Machine Woes

I have two lovely Bernina Sewing Machines and both of them have been visiting the Bernina Techs lately. In fact, the newest one, the 440QE is still there. I went to my first "get-acquainted class" for the 440QE and discovered that the tension was all funky. The instructor told the Bernina sales folks that they had better take my machine and get it in working order before I take the class that teaches me about the BSR. That's not too fun since they are telling me the turn-around is possibly two weeks! I can't even sign up for my next class until the machine is back and in good running order.

Then there is the 150QE which I need to sell. But the alphabet progran was all out of whack and it needed a regular tune-up so in to a different tech it went. To the tune of $300.00, it was ready by the afternoon. I took an applique class while it was being fixed over in VA at the Quilt Patch. I sure hope I can sell it for a decent price to make up for the cost of fixing it.

The applique class was alot of fun. We practiced several techniques for doing applique. I've never been one for much hand-work. I'd like to get in to it so I have something to work on that can go along with me.

I've also been taking a color class for quilters. Haven't worked that hard in ages. We had to use zillions of little 2 inch fabric samples to make a color wheel with tints, shades, etc. Then we had to make charts of analogous, complimentary, etc. colors. Lastly, we hit the fabric department and had to pick a fabric palette that matched a picture we brought in. It was intense.

Last Friday, we had snow again. Jim and I went out that evening to see the Irish Tenors at the Music Center at Strathmore. What a lovely event that was! The acoustics in that auditorium are fantastic. We had great seats and we enjoyed the program of Irish tunes and melodies.

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