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Friday, July 26, 2013

Idea to Kit to ?????

Like many people, I've been collecting Asian inspired fabrics since the time they became popular.  Of course, they still are popular and I still like them.   Over the years I've seen various ideas for using them.  I've even cut into my stash and used a bit here and there.  I still have a UFO of Japanese Kimonos that will one day be a wall-hanging.  While going through a 2-year old magazine, I discovered yet another fabulous idea using those Asian inspired fabrics.  I actually cut out the article and set it aside.  Every time I would run across the picture, I'd think to myself that I really liked that quilt.  It wasn't for lack of fabrics that I didn't begin.  I had plenty of those.  It was just all those pesky UFOs and unfinished "ideas" that made me feel guilty about starting something new..........until a few days ago when I began cutting fabric for the Asian Scrappy Quilt.  And now I have all the main fabrics cut and I just need to finish cutting the strips for the blocks.  It looks like I just might have a quilt kit to work on and I didn't buy any new fabric.  I know that I even have enough fabric left to piece together a back.  
One step at a time.......
I've got at least 20 different fabrics available......and lots left over!

Scrappy pile of stringy pieces.  Not sure I'm going to keep them.

Lots and lots of 1 1/2" black strips for around the blocks.  A few more still to be cut.
I do believe, there may be an Asian Scrappy Road quilt some day. The pattern is from Quilter's World Magazine October 2011 and is a design by Sue Harvey and Sandy Boobar of Pine Tree Country Quilts.

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