May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14 NIV

Friday, October 28, 2011

Apple Pie, Projects, and Precious Family

The DGDs were over the other day.  As usual they wandered into the kitchen looking for "treats" and eats.  The oldest decided she wanted to cook so she asked for a card and she wrote out a recipe.  Below is a 6 year old's recipe for apple pie.  I'm sure you'll want to try it soon. 
Following the directions made it more soup than pie
After residing at the end of our bed for a few months, the Strip Therapy Quilt is finally hanging above the bed.  The tall sloped wall was in desperate need of a pop of color.  But it is a tall wall and the actual hanging of the quilt was not easy.  Thanks to DHs creativity and willingness to reach up to tall places, the quilt was hung.  Our basic philosophy is that we will not hang anything over the bed that will fall and knock us out during an earthquake.  I think this qualifies. 
This antique square measuring stick came in handy.

No other way to reach up except to stand on the bed.  Notice the precise "blue tape" marks.

Hangers went right up to the limits of DHs arms

Voila!  Isn't it beautiful.  Now we need new lamps.
DS is on the mend and he and his wife went out on a special date to a concert last week.  Of course, Nahn Nahn got to have a sleep-over to help out.  I love this family.  I am so blessed. 
Nason St. House, Alameda, California, October 2011
And finally, a little retro Halloween happiness.  I think I made this fabric pumpkin and its leaf coasters over 20 years ago.  It comes out every fall.  I've noticed in the quilting blogs that fabric pumpkins are  once again popular.  What goes 'round, comes 'round.   This one is holding up well. 
A bit of Fall Fun for the dining room table.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lucky, Lucky Me - Thursday Happiness

Today's mail brought two surprises.  Well not really surprises since I expected them both to come eventually.  But getting them both on the same day was pretty cool.  Doesn't everyone love to open packages? 

First out of the mail envelope came this: 
HHhhmmmm....What could it be? 
Open up one end and take a sneak peek: 
Oh!  I think I know.
Yep.  It's my winnings from Clover and Violet 
A Little Apple  Jelly Roll by Aneela Hoey from Moda
This is the second time I have randomly won delicious fabric.  So I am going to let these lovely fabrics sit on my shelf (within constant eyesight) while I search for just the right project.  Thank you Clover and Violet and Moda!

And if that weren't enough, I had another package to open.  This one was from Shutterfly.  Thanks to a free coupon courtesy of, I had made up a book for pictures of some of my quilts.  It was an 8x8 photo book with 20 pages that only cost me the amount of shipping.  Guess that subscription that my DH has paid off. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trials and Projects and Pumpkins - Oh My!

Life has been hectic around here. Our family has had another encounter with cancer.  Jon was diagnosed with testicular cancer two weeks ago and has been home this week recuperating from surgery.  Considering all we've been through with Stephen, it put quite a scare into us. This particular type of cancer is very treatable and curable when caught early as Jon's was.  We await the pathology report and some blood tests for final follow-up decisions.  Once again, our friends and family pitched in with prayer support and love.  Once again, we have experienced God's love for us as He has given us courage and strength for yet another twist in life's journey. 
And here is my darling first-born a week after surgery out for a visit to the pumpkin patch.
Keeping busy has been the best way to deal with stress this last week.  I went to Quiltinators and worked on a community quilt.  Several blocks got done but it is not yet finished.  I also made rice pillows for Lissa's students.  They are weighted pillows filled with rice that wiggly children can put on their laps to keep them focused and centered.  Fleece made a very nice cover for them. And finally, I finished up a mug rug and coffee cozy for a friend.
Cushy Rice Pillows

Bright Disappearing Nine-Patch Community quilt

Mug Rug and Coffee Cozy for Terri
And today we were off to the Pumpkin Patch in Livermore, CA.  It was a gorgeous fall day that was just perfect for picking pumpkins.  Jon was a trouper and he knew his limits.  He walked slowly and rested along the way.  Pumpkin Patches are such great traditions for the Fall. 
I love the colors of fall

A man and his pumpkins

Feeding the goats

One little pumpkin

Two little pumpkins

Are you really this tall Makayla?