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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On The Way To Holiday Lane

First things first........before I lose my copy.......ta da......paste the list for today.

Thursday November 29
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now the explanation.   Please be patient with me.  I am typing with one finger of my left hand due to this:
So here is what happened on the way to Holiday Lane.  Knowing that I was leaving for a trip to Portugal and Spain, I began my project early.  I had the pattern from last year and was really looking forward to playing with embellishments to make one for me. So I sewed sewed sewed and went off to Spain knowing that I could finish when I got home.
On November 2, at a lovely Pousada in Evora, Portugal I fell while coming down a granite staircase. I will forever maintain that I was coming down carefully.  I will also add that the maid had been out damp-mopping the steps...........not such a good thing to be doing at 8:00 in the morning when guests are coming down to breakfast.
Sew.......after surgery in Portugal, 2 pins inserted, cast, and assorted pain issues I have realized (as have all of you by now) that my Holiday Lane Pillow will not be completed for this season.  
Fortunately I had taken a picture of its progress just before I left.  I present to you my well-intentioned efforts:

What you don't see is that I had added red beads to one the trees and little lights on one of the house eaves. 
Sew for now this is an UFO.  I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at everyone's creations.